Friday, September 2, 2011

Sharing the Spotlight: Janie and Angel

This week's spotlight is shining brightly on Janie and her Angel.

Janie writes:
"Hello! I am Janie and this is my Angel. She’s eight years old and has a definite opinion about how her hair should look! She has pretty tight curls (smaller than a pen spring), and some looser ringlets on her crown. I think we have not retained length due to my rough detangling in the past and too much rubber band usage. She has very fine hair (thin strands), but a lot of it, and that makes for major work when I detangle. I am learning, and we are trying to keep our styles simple now."

She goes on to say, "I am trying to keep her styles in for a week at a time, which is a struggle since I love playing in her hair (it's my hobby!)."

"This was our longest-lasting faux-hawk summer style. It still looked good when I took it down after 2 weeks! I guess because the cornrows & flat twists were so small."

"This was our 3-layer cornrows back-to-school style last Sunday, and it is horribly fuzzy Thursday night,
even with a satin pillow case!"

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful styles with us, Janie! She is adorable and I love the creativity in your styles. I'm sure with the extra care you're putting into her hair, you'll be retaining more length than ever!

If you would like to see your styles on Sharing the Spotlight, click on Contribute at the top of the page to find out how!


  1. I must first say Janie did a wonderful job with styling her kids hair. I enjoyed all of her hairstyles. I really liked Angels hair with the designer Cornrows in the back....I may even copy-cat it for my own hair lol...Cool Stuff ;-)

  2. i like that first style a lot! very creative =)

  3. I agree..I love the first style. Its giving me ideas! Btw, I love the new blog look (:



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