Monday, September 5, 2011

Two French Braids

Syd wore her hair in various french braid styles for over a week. Here's the last one we did before washing her hair and changing to something completely different.

She still had that single cornrow along the front of her hairline (that one cornrow stayed like that for over a week and a half!). I left that alone and made a part down the center of her head. Then all I did was french braid each side and secure the ends with an ouchless band. Easy peasy!

After about two days, we removed the french braids. The braid out wasn't very defined, although these pictures seem to show more definition than there actually was (how does that happen?). The lack of definition was probably because I had only used moisturizer before braiding instead of using something with hold. Regardless, we threw her hair up into ponytail and went on our way for the day.

After this style, it was time for that front cornrow to finally come down and for her hair to get washed. Stay tuned for what came next!


  1. Love French Braids. I just did a single one last night on Des after trying new products on her hair.

  2. I'm a cornrow/french braid lover myself. Her hair looks gorgeous!! She's such a pretty girl!!


  3. WOW, her braids are extremely long. I love french braids and they work great as quick styles!

  4. her hair is so amazingly beautiful!

  5. I still haven't mastered the French Braid yet. Your Braids are really beautiful. My favorite was seeing her long beautiful hair in a Twist Out.



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