Monday, September 19, 2011

Laced Cornrows and Box Braids

Syd had a big (40 schools!) cross country meet last weekend. She wanted something unique for her hair, and since she liked the way our last lacing style looked like laced up running shoes, I decided to go ahead and create another laced style.

I started by parting her hair from ear to ear and putting the front part of her hair into 8 cornrows.

I put the hair in the back into about a dozen big box braids. The parts weren't perfect or even, but Syd's hair is thick enough that the braids hid the imperfections.

I then used a plastic craft needle to weave some green and white ribbon (school colors) between two of the cornrows on each side of her head, much the same way that you would lace up a pair of sneakers.

The picture below shows which cornrows I used for the lacing. Each side had four cornrows, and I did the lacing between the second and third cornrows on each side.

Hair was laced up, time to do the same for the shoes.

When it drew closer to race time, we pulled all the braids back into a low ponytail to keep her hair off her neck.

And of course....I couldn't end this post without allowing Syd to show off her 3rd place medal. :)


  1. That is a great way to wear hair when you run track... Theme hair... Love it. Syd looks so happy and beautiful with her medal on. Proud of her, Great job!

  2. We just did lace cornrows (two on each side in front) with big purple ribbons after seeing your style. My girly is three and it looks super sweet and little girlish...and I have gotten SO many compliments. I LOVE this style!!!

  3. Great style!!!! So proud of her for winning 3rd place thats awesome!

  4. way to go syd! i just feel like screaming out "run syd run" !! LOL

  5. Congrats the style. I need to try some lace.

  6. Congrats, Syd! Rae, your all of your styles are amazing. This one is no exception. :)

  7. Congrats Syd!! Amazing style, as always!

  8. Love it! Syd has got it all! Great hair, great personality, great athletic ability... a testament to that great parenting ;) I love the laaaaaaciiiiiing *in my sing-song voice*

  9. Thanks everyone! I showed Syd the congratulations comments and she says thank you to all of you. :)



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