Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sharing the Spotlight: Elizabeth and Ally

Today's spotlight is shining on Elizabeth and her daughter Ally. Elizabeth has a brand new blog that features Ally and her other 2 daughters, who she calls The Princess and Li'l Bit. That blog is called Different Kinds of Curls and I highly recommend checking it out! Her girls all have different hair types, so she gets the chance to share styles on different types of curls. I love it!

For her time in the spotlight, Elizabeth sent in a box braid style she did on her oldest daughter, Ally. I love it!

....but wait, there's more!

This style was changed up and got a whole new look! Check out what she did next:

To see what she did and how she did it, check out this post. And while you're there, be sure to check out everything else this amazing new blog has to offer. Big thanks to Elizabeth for sharing!

If you would like one of your styles to be featured on Sharing the Spotlight, find out how by clicking on Contribute at the top of the page.


  1. very cute box braids and I love the curls :)

  2. I love the box braids and how they were switched up!

  3. I love the curly box braids!! Very pretty!! :)

  4. Love those braids, they look amazing straight and curly, great job!

  5. BOX BRAIDS!! GORGEOUS!!!!! Very pretty!!! Great job,ma!~! :)


  6. Rae, thank you so much for this! It's lovely. I appreciate all of the support. The blogging community has been very kind to us. We look to your site for so much inspiration, and I have shared it with many friends.

    Thanks again,



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