Friday, September 30, 2011

Sharing the Spotlight: French Braid Out on Rae

Yep, you read that right. I'm putting myself in the spotlight today. Forgive the poor quality of the pictures. I discovered that it's really hard to take a picture of myself from behind and, of course, Syd wasn't home to help. Go figure. So it was just me, my mirror, and my camera phone.

After wearing my hair in a ponytail every day for almost 2 weeks, I decided it was time to do something different. My natural hair is very thick, coarse, frizzy, and has enough body to almost be called wavy. You can't quite call it wavy, but you can't quite call it straight, either. It's really hard to wear it down without doing something to either straighten it out or make more defined waves/curls. I didn't want to grab the flat iron, so I decided to give myself a braid out instead.

I started in the evening with clean, damp hair. I didn't add any styling product, mostly because I'm running low on almost everything and wanted to save the product for Syd's hair. :)  I used my finger to part my hair into two sections. I didn't even try to make the part straight because I knew the braids were coming down in the morning. I french braided each side and secured the ends with rubber bands.

In the morning, my hair still wasn't completely dry. I left the braids in for about an hour after I woke up, but knowing I had that crazy crooked part on my head was driving me nuts so I went ahead and removed the braids. It was almost completely dry by the time the braids came out. The top was laying funny, so I pulled the front back with a clip and this was the result.

That picture was taken a couple of hours after the braids were removed. The wave pattern was a little tighter right after the braids came down, but it fell a little since I hadn't used any products with hold and my hair wasn't dry when the braids were taken out. Regardless of all that, I liked the results a lot. 

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  1. This picture explains where Syd's long, thick, luscious hair came from. Love the way you hair looked after taking down your braids.

  2. Looks great! I've been braiding my hair at night lately too, I find it makes my morning routine quicker, and my hair has a nicer curl pattern. Funny how long it has taken me to start using some of the same strategies I use on JJ's hair, but on MYSELF! And yeah, I save the "good" product for her too. The things we do as moms...

  3. Picture from the front? I love the crinkled look on my daughter and might try it on myself too! Thanks for the idea. My hair is wavy but very fine, so I need to figure out what combination of products to use to get moisturized hair with hold and not weighed down with products!

  4. Your hair is looking fantastic!! I agree with Michelle as well!! Syd gets all that beautiful goodness from you!!! So thick and pretty and HEALTHY!!!


  5. That explains it, lol! Now i see where she gets it from, both of you have some thick lusci

  6. Omg I love it!! I wish I could braid my own hair!

  7. Good night-look at that hair! So thick and glorious...yup, I also see where Syd gets her hair from lol. You're hair is equally amazing as hers (and that part didn't look all that crooked lol)

  8. I like it, very pretty braid out :)

  9. Your hair looks so pretty.I agree with the others who said now we see where Syd gets her gorgeous hair from



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