Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Goldilocks*n*Me

I am participating in this month's Hair Carnival with several other bloggers. The theme this month is to copy a style that we've seen on someone else's blog. This makes it the perfect time to introduce a new feature on Tweeny Hair called The Sincerest Form of Flattery. This feature will pop up from time to time whenever I find a style on someone else's blog that I want to try to imitate.

For the September Hair Carnival, I have decided to recreate the lacing style I saw on the blog Goldilocks*n*Me. I did have to alter the style a bit by using a twist out where Goldilocks had worn a wash and go style.

I kind of cheated to start this style because Syd had previously worn her hair in basic two strand twists. When I sat down in the evening to style Syd's hair, I kept those twists and just parted out a section on one side of the front of her hair. I put that section of hair into 2 cornrows going toward her crown. I secured the 2 cornrows together with a green rubber band.

I twisted the hair coming out of the rubber band in about three 2 strand twists.

Then I removed a few twists in the front of her hair on the other side and changed them into a couple of chunky flat twists, simply because twist outs from flat twists lay closer to the scalp.

The rest of her hair was still in the 2 strand twists she had worn for a a few days before.

In the morning, I used a craft needle and a green and white ribbon to do the lacing part of the style. I literally just laced her two cornrows as though I was lacing up a pair of shoes.When I reached the green rubber band, I tied the two ends of the ribbon in a bow.

I removed all the twists so the majority of Syd's hair was worn in a twist out.
Ignore the allergy eyes in this pic. Poor kid. :(
By the time Syd got home from school and cross country practice, the twist out had gained a lot of volume. She loved it.

Syd loves the lacing style. She wants to start doing them on the days she has cross country meets because the style looks so much like a laced up pair of running shoes. I think that's definitely doable.

Thanks so much to Goldilocks*n*Me for inspiring this style!


  1. Wow! I love this style on her and that big hair is GORGEOUS!!! I like how this style looks on a tweenaged girl--it's not too young and it's not too old. You did a great job, Rae and Syd you look gorgeous!

  2. Clever! She'll start a trend! :) I LOVE her smile - she definitely likes her hair (or so it appears!) The twist out looks amazing!!

  3. This looks great on Syd..she always has the most epic twist outs!!! Love the ribbon!

  4. Oh, I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE how you put the ribbon on the side!! I HAVE to try this on my girls!! Good job to both you and Goldilocks*n*Me for being MY inspiration!! <3


  5. Ohhh man do I have hair envy! Syd's hair is just so big and awesome! Ok, You two have inspired me to re-try the twistout. Love the lacing, and she looks so happy (even with allergy eyes) so that make me smile :)

  6. Very lovely!! The lacing is really cute and the twist-out looks fabulous!

  7. I love everything about this post! I've never tried lacing but I will definitely keep it in mind!

  8. Lacing is beautiful!!!! Anything in that child's hair is fiyah though... I sur hope BBH's hair grows that long lawd. Hhhhhhhhhh.

  9. this came out very cute, i may copy this!



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