Sunday, September 11, 2011

"X" Veil Twist Out

We have been doing a lot of twists and twist outs lately, and this style is another example of that. But we try not to do a plain old twist out very often. There are always new ways to change it up.

To make the X shape in the front of Syd's hair, I made 2 rows of 4 boxes across the front. I used those boxes to make an X shape on each side of her hair.

Before connecting the front row to the second, I twisted each section to give it more of a clean look. And we used purple rubber bands simply because Syd wanted to. :)

I then put the rest of her hair into 2 strand twists.

The next day was Syd's first middle school dance. We took her twists out so she could have a fresh looking twist out for the dance.

Twist outs will probably remain a style that is used a lot at our house. They are simple enough for Syd to help with, they don't take as long to do as more intricate styles, and there are countless ways to change them up.

Do you have a style that you tend to fall back on more than any others?


  1. That's a great hairstyle!!! I love it on her!!! She wears it VERY WELL! :)

    <3 twist outs!!


  2. Very cute, and easy... at least once you're done twist the hair... :o)

  3. Syd's hair looks great as always. :)With Ally, our favorite 'go to' hairstle is the braid-out. Her hair doesnt hold a twist out as well. Maybe this style will look just as good with a braid out....hmmmmm. Going to have to add that to our to-do list. :)

  4. Beautiful! I think twist are very appropriate especially since she probably wants styles that are less kiddy ;)

  5. Hello. Your daughter's twist out is really really nice & very defined.

  6. I agree with KeeKeeAllNatural, that is some great definition. Our fallback hairdo is... you guessed it! A ponytail :)



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