Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Update: 2 Cornrows

Hi everyone! I apologize for my absence lately. We always have a lot going on and it's been even busier than usual around here: moving, sports, homework, etc. As a result, Syd hasn't been on the receiving end of very creative hairstyles. For the last week or so, she's just been rocking a couple of thick cornrows.

Not sure what's up with the lighting in this one

This is a great go-to style for us. Syd participates in cross country and has meets 3 days per week with practice on her off days. This means lots of sweat. We can take down the cornrows every other day, give her hair a quick wash or co-wash, and put them right back in. Quick, easy, and her hair is out of her face and off her neck, which are both important at this point.

The regular cross country season ends after next week. I promise to have some more creative styles after that! :)


  1. I love how Syd's hair is so thick. Her hair in this type of style looks lovely. Great go to style.

  2. Her hair is in GREAT condition... AND, I love this style... It's so easy and serves many purposes!! :) -- I'd say great post! <3


  3. Shoot, it looks great to me! Good luck finishing out the season, Syd!

  4. It's a simple but gorgeous style on Syd! Girl has some thiiiiiick hair!

  5. She has such thick hair, wow! Love the simplicity :)

  6. Her hair is so thick and healthy! Ally has worn variations of this style all week, also. Its a great way to avoid frizz with all the rain we have been getting. Great post! :) Good luck on the rest of the season!



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