Wednesday, August 31, 2011

French Braided Ponytail

Remember last weekend when I said in this post that I would band Syd's hair at night and then throw it up into a quick style every morning? It was a great idea. Unfortunately, I didn't follow through. Instead, I did a different kind of ponytail that she wore for a few days.

The very front of Syd's hairline was still in a single cornrow, as seen back in the post mentioned above. I just left that alone, since it still looked good. I divided the rest of her hair into 4 sections, with one part going from front to back and another one going from ear to ear.

I french braided each section toward the center where the parts intersected.

When all 4 sections had been french braided, I joined them into a ponytail. The ponytail consisted of 3 tendrils of hair from each of the 4 french braids. I braided each tendril, resulting in a ponytail made of 12 individual braids.

After 2 days of that style, we removed the individual braids but kept the french braids and she had a great looking braid out ponytail.

I've done countless cornrow ponytails through the years, but this was the first time I had ever even thought of using french braids instead. I think I'll have to explore this more...I love the way it looks!


  1. I love how this looks. The braid out from it was so defined. Syd is lucky to have you for a hair styling Mom.

  2. This looks AMAZING! French braids look stunning on Syd.

    I think after you braid out, you could even turn it into a really cute up-do for a special occasion? Like some sort of a "knot" type situation with the hair spilling out.

  3. Wow I've never seen anyone do French and a cornrow and regular braids at the same time. Do you find that it's easier to Dutch braid or French braid? Because I have a very hard time switching back and forth.

  4. I don't really find one any easier than the other. I've been doing all kinds of braids since I was a little girl, so they all just come pretty naturally to me at this point.

  5. I absolutely adore this Style!!! on my list of Hair Hopes

  6. This is cute! I may have to try a version of this since my daughter doesn't like her hair to touch her ears!

  7. omg I love this, I hope you dont mind if i copy LOL



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