Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School Twist Out

Today was Syd's first day of middle school! She liked her last twist out so much that she decided she wanted another one for the all-important first day hairstyle.

I decided to give her a simple braided headband in addition to the twist out. I made it very basic, with a part in the middle of her head and one cornrow down each side of her face toward her ear. The back of the hair was put into three strand twists. I used Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade for both the cornrows and the twists.

She wore her hair in the twists all day Sunday. The twists were removed Monday morning, but the cornrows along the edges were left in.

The result was a gorgeous twist out, a protected hairline, and one happy middle schooler!


  1. Her hair looks goregous!!! Hope she has an awesome 1st day of school!

  2. Beautiful hair!! Hope she has a great first day!

  3. Aww she looks great! I hope she had a wonderful day in middle school!

  4. Awww she looks beautiful! Hope your day was great, Syd!

  5. Hello! Syd's hair is beautiful. Hope her first day was grand. I need HELP! Desperately!!! I tried the banding technique and someone suggested that I use Big Sexy Hair mousse to hold the style. I looked wonderful intitially, but by the end of the day (8 hours later) it was a big poofy mess. I have tried several other products that always make her hair look frizzy and dry.....and definately POOFY.....this was the first product that gave me the curl definition I was looking for with softness and shine. It's just somewhere along the way it went CRAZY. What should I do? I posted a picture on your FB wall of the initial result. Good thing we had pictures taken before the hair said "NO WAY"!

  6. Hi KD. I'll take a look at facebook and answer a little more in depth there, but 2 things struck me right off the bat about your question. First, mousse often has ingredients in it that dry hair out. Dryness is the number one cause of frizz. The second thing I wanted to make you aware of is that there is NO product that will make hair look the same when it's dry as it does when it's wet. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the poof.

    Take a look at this post:

    You can see when Syd's hair was wet, the curls were super defined and weighed down. After it dried, it was MUCH bigger and nowhere near as defined. That's just one of those things about curly hair that we can't control.



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