Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Strand Twists

Syd's latest box braids were in for 3 weeks. They lived through a 9 day trip to the Guatemala coast (think 110 degrees) and then a heat wave when we came back home. As a result, those braids experienced more sun, sweat, and swimming than any style should ever be forced to endure. They could have lasted another week or so, but Syd and I were both ready for them to come down.

I'm a big fan of keeping hair as detangled as possible when moving from one style to another. To accomplish this, Syd washed and rinsed her hair thoroughly while it was still braided. I grabbed 10 or 12 braids, added a leave in conditioner, and removed those braids. I detangled and immediately banded the hair from those braids before I moved on to my next group of 10 braids or so. In the end, I had 12 banded ponytails that were clean, moisturized, and detangled.

We decided on three strand twists for the next style. Sure they take a little longer to do than 2 strand twists, but we really like the way a 3 strand twist out looks. And to be honest, Syd will probably remove the twists for a twist out in a day or so because she LOVES big, loose hair.

To do the twists, I worked on one banded ponytail at a time. I removed the bands and added some Darcy's Botanicals Avocado and Honey Twisting Cream. I made 3 twists out of each section.
excuse the blur

When I was finished, we had 36 three strand twists. They shrink a little more in Syd's hair than standard two strand twists do, but the twist out is sure to be amazing. I'll be sure to post pictures of that as soon as the twists come out.


  1. i love 3 strand twist but i don't do them very often, her hair looks great!

  2. amazing I cant wait till I can do the princess hair like this

  3. I love three strand twists and the twist outs from them are gorgeous. Can't wait to see hers.

  4. Oh I cant wait to see the twist out!

  5. Such a gorgeous style! <3 3 strand twists!! (Also thank you for your kind words and compliments about Diva R Your too sweet Rae!) God Bless



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