Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Fluffy Braid Out Puff

Sometimes a styling session has to take a backseat to other things that may be happening at the time. I was halfway done removing Syd's latest cornrow style when I remembered that The Wizard of Oz was being performed at a local outdoor theater that night. I immediately thought, "Now what?"

Since we were so short on time, I decided not to do anything to her hair aside from pulling it into a ponytail. We would just stick with whatever her hair looked like after the cornrows came out and a bit of moisturizer was added. The result was one huge fluffy puff.

The cornrows had been too small to give her a really defined braid out, but we didn't care too much about that. Her hair was very soft and felt kind of like a cottony cloud. Multiple people actually asked her if they could touch her hair...something that doesn't happen too often now that she's getting older. She just kind of laughed and said sure, since they were nice enough to ask and she wasn't really worried about maintaining the way the style looked.

After the play, I just separated the puff into 3 sections and put it into one loose braid to keep it from tangling as she slept.

Oh...and the play was wonderful. Definitely glad we put that in front of our scheduled hair time!


  1. Des loves to rock a puff ponytail sometimes too especially for something like a Play. So glad you two enjoyed yourselves. Syd has beautiful hair.

  2. i love it. i can't wait til i can have a puff this big!

  3. I love this on her. Y'all should do it more often. Glad that you guys had fun at the play!

  4. Her hair is absolutely stinkin' gorgeous. Awesome job Mom and Syd! Wow.....

  5. Love the puff, it looks so soft!!



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