Sunday, August 7, 2011

Three Strand Twist Out

As expected, Syd only kept her three strand twists in for a couple of days. When the twists were removed, the result was a twist out that looked amazing.

To remove each twist I used my fingers to separate the three sections at the root. I then gently moved my fingers to the ends to separate each twist into 3 curly sections of hair. I did nothing beyond that. The more you manipulate the hair, the fuzzier it is likely to become.

After all the twists were removed, Syd added her headband she bought in Guatemala and styling was done. I absolutely love the way it looks.

To go to bed, we gently banded her curls into a few sections. We only put a few bands on each section and kept the bands themselves very loose. We also wrapped her hair with a satin scarf and she slept on her satin pillowcase.

The following picture was taken right before we removed the bands in the morning.

After a bit of very light fluffing, her hair looked amazing for day 2.

We did run into some issues after Syd went for a run later that day. She got pretty sweaty, which frizzed up her roots quite a bit.

We had plans to go out with friends, so we just pulled the front half of her hair up to hide the frizz.

We banded her hair again overnight. When she woke up this morning the frizzy roots had gotten even bigger, but the rest of her hair was still looking pretty good. We pulled her hair into a ponytail to hide the roots and we were done for the day.

We were both thrilled with the results of this twist out. Syd actually already said this will probably be what she wants for school pictures this year.

We could probably stretch this twist out to make it last another day or two, but cross country practice starts bright and early tomorrow morning. I think we're going to find something that's a little more sweat-friendly.


  1. Her twist out looked amazing! I still have to mastered the twist out..mine never turn out looking like that!

  2. I wish i knew the secret behind this amazing twist! I cant seen to make twist outs at all turn out good :) Great job Rae! Syd is just lovely and her hair is gorgeous as well!

  3. Great twist out! I love how you turned it into different looks :)

  4. I love 3 strand twist outs and her hair looks AMAZING! very interesting way to protect the twist out at night. Will have to try that!! Great post!

  5. OH MY GOSH!! She's so beautiful!! Her hair is gorgeous!! Good job, Mommy! <3

  6. Youre daugther is so beautiful!!! And her hair is gorgeous!!! I really need to try those three strand twists!

  7. Wow, her hair looks gorgeous. Love it!

  8. This looks amazing!! Thanks so much for posting the evolution of the twist-out, the night-time routine, and how you dealt with frizzies. So helpful!!!



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