Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We're Back!

Syd and I with a group of the local kids
Actually, we've been back from Guatemala for over a week, but life since we've been back has been anything but normal. Emergency surgery for the dog, a home invasion, broken teeth, friends from out of town, AND a 3 day conference have all combined to give me a whirlwind welcome home. Somehow, though, I think I managed to maintain just a bit of sanity through it all.

Syd is still wearing the same box braids we put in before our trip. We really haven't done much with them other than ponytails. With everything listed above, hair has been at the bottom of our priority list.

Now about our Guatemala trip....it was absolutely amazing. Life-changing for everyone involved - myself, Syd, and the people we were there to minister to. Our group held medical clinics on 3 different days and built a concrete block house for a family of 7 who was living in a one room bamboo hut. We also spent a lot of time just playing with and loving on the kids of the village we were in. Syd and I truly fell in love with the people down there. There is a very good chance that this type of trip will become an annual event for us.

We did so many different things on this trip that I couldn't choose just a handful of photos to share with you. I decided to share quite a few, instead. :)

Herds of cows use the roads, too!

Our bathroom for the week. I opted to use the cornfield. :)

Syd playing ball with some of the kids

Passing out crayons. They LOVE to color

Braiding some fun blue extensions into their hair. :)

The days were so long that Syd couldn't stay awake to read. :)
Taking medical supplies to a bedridden man in the village

Unsure about the spiny fruit (they were really good!)

Syd got in on the construction work

Hanging out with some new buddies

Passing bracelets out to a group of girls
Moving a truckload of sand one bucket at a time

Syd spent a LOT of time putting ribbons in the girls' hair

Syd and her new Guatemalan friend, Vilda

Me and my friend/translator as I spoke in a church service

Smiling through the tears as we said goodbye one last time
Shopping in the (very colorful) markets

Relaxing in Antigua on our last day in Guatemala

This guy just looked like he needed a kiss

On a hillside overlooking Antigua and the looming volcano 

Making friends with the guy carrying the big gun. :)


  1. Welcome back!! Definitely looks like a life-changing trip! Hope your transition back to "regular" life becomes smoother than it's been so far. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos.

  2. amazing I hope to travel like you and your daughter one day. until then i'll live vicariously through you and her. cant wait for the next vacay.

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of fun Hope things get back to normal for you!

  4. Beautiful. You two looks so close and you had a great time

  5. what an amazing trip and a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to bond over serving others. so pleased to see that you had an amazing time, and welcome back!

  6. Welcome back, thanks for sharing the photos, they are awesome, it looks like an amazing time and a wonderful experience!



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