Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Double Crossed Cornrow Style

Syd started cross country this week, so her hair needs to be in a style that won't be destroyed by a fair amount of sweat. So when I sat down to do her hair today, I knew I was going to do a cornrow style. Unfortunately, that was as far as my styling plan had gotten. While I pondered what kind of pattern I would do in the top half of Syd's hair, I made a part from ear to ear and put the back half into about 12 cornrows going straight down.

Moving on to the top section, I parted out enough hair for 4 cornrows in the center, and then I made a horizontal part across all 4 of those sections to divide them all in half. At this point, I was not cornrowing...I was only making the parts. I did this so I could make each cornrow cross over 2 other cornrows. I'm not sure how well I'm going to be able to explain this next part, so I added the picture below. Hopefully that will make it easier to understand instead of making it more complicated.

I cornrowed the hair in the top right section (D). When I reached the horizontal part, I made a few stitches without adding any hair and then moved over 2 sections to finish the cornrow with hair from section 2. So section D was joined with section 2, C with 1, B with 4, and A with 3.

Here's what it looked like when those crossover cornrows were finished:

After that, I cornrowed the sides in a pretty basic pattern and we were done.

All the braids can be pulled into a low ponytail every day while she's participating in cross country. No problem. :)


  1. Love it! You're giving me some ideas..thanks

  2. This is such a neat style! I love it!

  3. I totally understood the D with 2, B with 4, etc - perfect way to explain it. Great style!

  4. so cute! I love it, very creative

  5. That looks really great! Awesome job!

  6. thats very creative, i may have to try that

  7. aww, i use to do my little sisters hair like that ... love it!

  8. your cornrows are always so neat and small! very pretty :)



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