Monday, May 2, 2011

Curlformers Style for a Wedding

Syd and I went to a friend's wedding the other day, and Syd wanted something "pretty." So we just did a basic Curlformer set. I own 46 Curlformers and we used every single one of them on her hair. I would have used more if I had them. I like the curls look when using smaller amounts of hair in each Curlformer.

Last time I used the Curlformers was before Syd's hair was before her haircut and I had to twist the part of her hair closest to her scalp because her hair was too long to fit into the Curlformers. This time, there was only an inch or two that didn't fit, and the Curlformer weighed it down enough to make it all work.

When we removed the Curlformers, we added a headband with a big flower, but apparently I only took a picture BEFORE we added accessories. Oops!

To preserve the curls overnight, we pull her hair into a loose ponytail on the top of her head (also known as pineappling) and she sleeps on her satin pillowcase.


  1. These came out so pretty!! I've got to try curlformers on my hair sometime!



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