Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"I need to look old-fashioned"

When it comes to Syd's hair, I really feel like I've been slacking in the creativity department lately. A lot of that is due to our lack of time to invest in an elaborate hairstyle. But this week, we had a different situation limiting us. Syd is spending her entire day at the State Capital building reenacting scenes from the 1800's for the general public. The goal is to make it seem as authentic as possible. After 4 months of practice and so much attention paid to all the costume details, an intricate style would just not be appropriate. When I asked Syd what she thought we should do, all she said was "I need to look old-fashioned."

My first thought was just to do two simple braids, but Syd really isn't a fan of that style anymore. I still did two braids, but we jazzed it up just a little. I started by making a center part and putting cornrows along the hairline.

In the back, I just pulled the two sides into low pigtails and braided them. To add a little interest, I didn't just put one big braid on each side. I sectioned each side into three braids and then braided those braids together.

The style only took a few minutes (as you can probably tell by the not-so-straight parts) but it seems to be appropriate for the activities of the day. We may or may not change it up for the remainder of the week. I'll be sure to let you know if we do!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures when she's in costume - I snapped them with my phone just before she went out the door.


  1. Love it!!


  2. Great job

  3. So cute!!! Where did you get the dress, adorable?

  4. How fun! The hairstyle looks great It fits so well with the dress and the theme!




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