Friday, May 6, 2011

Sharing the Spotlight: A Tip from Chelsea

Today's Sharing the Spotlight contribution comes from Chelsea from Curly and Young. Not only is she sharing one of her styles, she is sharing with us a wonderful tip to remember!

Chelsea says:
"This post is not so much about my hair style as it is about the styler that I used.  This style is a very simple dry braid out. I achieved it by detangling my hair using my wide toothed comb and tangle teezer.  I then applied my favorite styler and braided my hair.  The following day I unbraided my hair, separated the pieces and fluffed for fullness. I pulled my hair back by splitting my hair down the middle and separating the two sections into halves so that I had four sections in all. I then twisted all of the four sections and secured them with slides."

Chelsea goes on to say:
"What is my favorite styler you may ask? Aloe vera gel!!  This gel provides me with soft yet touchable hold that is long-lasting and best of all it is all natural. I felt it important to share this little tid bit because as a blogger who caters to young women I am often asked for product recommendations that are all natural and most importantly cheap, after all most young women do not have deep pockets. I hope this helps a young curly out there."

Thank you so much, Chelsea, for sharing! The style is simple enough for tweens/teens who are learning to style their own hair and using Aloe vera gel as a styling aid is wonderful! Everyone be sure to swing by Curly and Young to see more of Chelsea's styles and tips!

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