Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra Long and Wide Curlformers

I have been wanting to try Curlformers out on Syd's hair for over a year, but I never got around to ordering them. Well I finally did, and we couldn't wait to try them once they arrived.

I have seen enough reviews and how-to posts about Curlformers to know that I had to be careful not to use too much hair, so I didn't have a problem putting them in Syd's hair. But I did encounter a problem. I ordered the extra long Curlformers, but Syd's hair is way too long even for those.  Now I've read that it is possible to use 2 Curlformers to cover all the hair from root to tip, but we only have the styling kit and one extra starter pack, which gives us 46 Curlformers, which is simply not enough to use 2 on each section of Syd's very thick hair. Actually, it was barely enough to cover all her hair using just one per section!

The solution I came up with was to put the approx. 4-5 inches of hair closest to her scalp into 2 strand twists and then use the Curlformer to curl the rest. The curl won't be uniform because it goes from twist out to Curlformer-made curl, but I figured it was worth a shot.

She slept with the Curlformers in her hair. In the morning, I removed the Curlformers. After taking the Curlformer off of each section, I put my fingers between the 2 sections of roots that were twisted and gently slid my fingers down the entire section, separating the entire section in two from root to tip.

Syd and I are both very pleased with the results. Even though the roots aren't curled like the rest of her hair, all we did was add a headband to the front and you don't really notice a difference. If the roots get fluffy or frizzy before the rest of the hair, we can always pull it into a half-up or ponytail style to stretch the style an extra day or two.

I couldn't get a good picture from the back because I'm still using my Blackberry to take pictures and it just doesn't do a good job capturing the curl definition. Hopefully I'll have a working camera again before my next post!


  1. Wow, how pretty! That was great ingenuity to think of doing the two strand twists at the top. :)

  2. This came out so beautiful!

  3. How did she sleep with all that in her hair?!

  4. Looks sooooo nice! I just heard of these the other day from naptural85 on youtube! are they comfortable to sleep in? I'm going to have to look them up watch some some tutorials.

  5. Thanks guys. :)

    Syd didn't have a problem sleeping in them, but I tried it and was a little more uncomfortable. I guess it just depends on the person.

  6. How cute she looks! I want do this on my tween for a special occasion in a few weeks. What product did you use to set her hair? Did you set it wet or dry? Thanks

  7. PuddinCake, I used Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme this time, but that probably wouldn't have been my product of choice. I would have preferred to have a setting lotion, but I was out and so I used what I had. It still turned out looking good. As long as you're using a product that offers hold without making it crunchy, it should come out just fine. Oh...and her hair was wet when we put the Curlformers in. She slept in them to let them dry completely and we took them out in the morning. Hope that helps!

  8. Oooh, thank you for your quick response! I do have a ton of leave-ins to use for my daughter's hair. Now I just have to figure out which size rollers to get my daughter, her hair about waist length now, but not as full as your daughter's (she's younger than yours), hmmm...

  9. What a great idea to twist the roots. Ive tried 3 times on my daughters hair and each time they havent been really good. You have got me thinking I may have been using too much hair in each curlformer thanks for the suggestion (",)



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