Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twists, Braids, and Outs

Syd and I have had a full, hectic schedule lately. On the rare occasion that we get a few hours at home to relax, we'd rather sit down with a game of Uno or go for a bike ride than spend all of our free time on hair. As a result, we've been quickly putting Syd's hair into thick braids or twists at night and letting her wear the braids for a couple days, and the resulting "out" afterward.

Here's a look at her hair for the past week:

For the picture below, we had just put Syd's hair into about 10 thick two strand twists the night before. They didn't dry all the way through, so we knew the twist out was going to be fluffy and big. I put a flat twist along her hairline and pulled it back to join the rest of the hair in a fluffy ponytail.

That night, I put thick cornrows in Syd's hair. I parted the hair so I could do 5 cornrows, but I decided to split the 3 middle ones in half and turn each section of hair into 2 cornrows. That way, all the cornrows ended up being about the same size.
These braids could have lasted several more days, but we removed them after a day because Syd wanted the braid out. Here's the braid out after being in a low ponytail all day at school.

Next, we did the cornrow style below. I gave her a braided headband first, and then braided the rest of the hair into a ponytail. It looks really fuzzy in the picture because she had worn it for a couple days and I forgot to take a picture of it until right before I took the braids down. If you look closely, you can even see that I had already removed the ponytail holder!
This morning, I took out the cornrows that formed the ponytail and left the braided headband in. Here is that braid out.
Don't mind the crazy eyes in that last picture. I wanted to show you what it looks like with the headband still in from the front. We'll probably just pull the back into a ponytail tomorrow. And I may or may not do a more long-term style this weekend. We'll see!

Oh, and I had to share this just-for-fun picture of Syd on the last day of her side cornrow style. She was wearing a dress and had some quarters but no pockets to put them in. This was the solution she came up with. She's so funny (but very resourceful)!


  1. I love all of them! Very cute styles!! Also got to love the coin storage, LOL!

  2. her braid-outs look incredible!

    too funny about where she stored her coins! hair has other uses, hehe.

  3. I like that you showed some of the simple styles you did to get you through the week, it helps us mommies who can't do the braids!! I really appreciate the pictures of the end of the style hair pics, that shows it is ok for the hair to be a little fuzzy and the styles don't stay looking fresh the whole time they are worn, or maybe I'm the only one that thinks the styles look like the first pic all week!!! Her hair is soo shiney and healthy looking in her braid outs.

  4. Amanda - Don't let the pictures of new, fresh looking styles fool you! By the end of a style, Syd's hair is a far cry from how it looked on day one! Styles get fuzzy and curls lose definition. It's just another part of natural curls. :)



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