Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Style

Syd's Easter style didn't quite go as I had expected. To start with, I had an updo in mind, but our weekend was so busy I didn't have the time I would need to do it. I came up with something else that wouldn't take much time and got started.

I removed her cornrow style from last week, added some Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, and gently detangled to remove shed hair. Then I immediately moved on to starting the new style. Luckily it had only been six days since her last wash, so it was ok to skip that step for the sake of time.

First I parted out a circular section in the front of her hair and tied it out of the way.

Then I parted the back section down the middle and added five cornrows on each side. I moved from the sides toward the middle part, following the curved part from the top section.


I forgot to take a picture of it but at this point, I put two strand twists in the rest of her hair - the front, back, and ends of the cornrows. Then I was done for the night. My plan was to pin it up Easter morning into a really neat updo that existed in my head.

This is where the Easter style went wrong for the second time. When we woke up Easter morning, we discovered that our little container of bobby pins is MIA (how does that happen?). So I had a style that was halfway complete, no pins to finish it, and no time before church to do something different. After a split second of minor panic, I decided to put the back part in a flat twist up the center of her head. I left 2 twists out in the front and pulled the rest of the front twists back to meet the top of the flat twist. I used an ouchless ponytail holder to secure all the hair on top of her head.

Then I told Syd we are just going to let her hair fall where it wants, so I let go of all the hair and hoped for the best. Luckily, her hair was in a cooperative mood and ended up looking pretty good, even though it looked nothing like either of the styles I had previously envisioned.

We decided to keep these twists and cornrows in for the coming week. We just pulled all the hair back this morning into a ponytail. And the few cornrows on the sides gives the ponytail a bit of personality. The result - one happy tween. :)


  1. Love it!!

  2. The style and your daughter look magnificent! Well done.

  3. Such a beautiful style! I have a question about styling on previously styled hair. I washed my daughter's hair on Sunday and put it into about 15 big twists (4b hair). It will hold this well for a week. Next weekend, I plan to put in a longer lasting style like box braids and cornrows. Rather than recondition, I want to take out the twists, use our fav leave in and style. Does this seem clean enough? I don't have time to do the new style during the week.

  4. Martha, I think it completely depends on how the hair looks/feels/smells at that time. If she has been sweating a lot, if she has product build up, or if her hair looks, feels, or smells dirty then I would definitely wash again. If it still seems clean, I'd say go right ahead and restyle!

  5. Isn't life crazy!! Sometimes things just don't go as planned, but her hair turned out sooo cute!!



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