Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharing the Spotlight: A Ponytail of Braids by DsMommy

This week's Sharing the Spotlight comes to us from DsMommy from She did a veil style all the way around daughter D's head and ended it with braids all pulled into a ponytail. I think the colored rubber bands add an extra touch of Spring, as well. Thank you to Brooke for sharing this adorable style!

Don't forget to swing by Untrained Hair Mom to see more from DsMommy!

If you would like one of your styles to be featured on Sharing the Spotlight, simply click on Contribute at the top of the page to get all the details!


  1. Very pretty veil style. Love the spring colors. Perfect for Easter weekend.

  2. Thanks revjenn and thanks Rae for letting us be in the spotlight :)



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