Monday, March 21, 2011

Time for a Trim

If you saw the post from the other day showing Syd's small twists, you will probably remember how  that style seemed to highlight how dry and damaged her ends looked. If you haven't, here's a shot of her ends from right after we finished the style.

The end of her hair was looking stringy, dry, and just unhealthy in general. I have never really scheduled regular trims because her ends aren't manipulated a lot...rubber bands and beads are rarely used. But after seeing the current condition of her hair, I started trying to remember when her last trim was. I can't remember. It has probably been years. Time to change that.

I decided to trim her hair myself. I have recently been tossing around the idea of having her hair cut professionally so the cut can work well with the multiple curl patterns on her head. I still might do that at some point. But for now, I decided to go ahead and trim her ends while her hair is in small twists.

I looked at each twist individually and snipped off the bottom 2-3 inches, depending on the damage of that specific hair. I cut approximately the same amount of hair off of each twists, but it wasn't an exact measurement. I didn't really worry about getting the length completely even. Her hair wasn't all the same length to start with, and it curls up into different curl patterns anyway. As long as I cut about the same amount off of each twist, I was all good.

The ends before the trim

Sorry so blurry, but here's a shot of the same ends after the trim

Her hair is a few inches shorter, but it's definitely still long and it looks so much better! Healthy looking hair of any length beats damaged waist length hair any day!

I still plan on having her hair cut while it's in its naturally curled state. This way her different curl patterns will appear more even when she wears a wash-n-go. I don't know when we're going to do that, though. I'll let you know how that goes when it finally happens.


  1. Looks great! Don't freshly trimmed ends feel so silky?

  2. I love her hair... I wish destinys would hurry up and get at least shoulder length( without being stretched)

  3. Very nice! I am yet to find a hair stylist who knows what they are doing!

  4. Looks good! I haven't cut Q's at all yet - I just *know* no one around here knows what to do with curls... and I'm too scared! So far she's only 2, so I'm not worried about it yet, but some day! eek!

    I can't believe I wasn't an official follower of you yet! I corrected that today :)

  5. It's hard to trust someone else with hair you're so careful to take good care of! A friend of mine cuts hair for a living...and I KNOW she can cut Syd's texture. But the control freak in me made me cut it myself anyway. :D

  6. Any advice on how to find a salon for cutting curly hair?

  7. Amanda, since my friend is experienced with natural hair, I haven't had to actually search for one. I'm sure it's easier in some cities than others. There's a salon finder over at Maybe that will help you. Here's the link:

  8. Thanks Rae. I looked at the link and their are only two salons recommended for my area. I know people who cut hair, but I am just worried they won't know how to work with their curly hair!

  9. gr8 job!! looks much heathier and that is def. more important then the lenght..btw..she still have so much hair and her lenght is incredible!!



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