Saturday, March 19, 2011

Small Twists

A few weeks ago, Syd and I saw this style on another blog and couldn't wait to try it out ourselves. We decided to give it a try today. I didn't make them as small as I originally planned, though, because Syd currently has strep throat and I didn't want her to have to sit through such a long styling session if she got tired or started not feeling well. I actually asked if she wanted to postpone this style for another week, but she insisted that she felt fine and wanted little twists NOW. :)

We had washed and detangled Syd's hair last night. I moisturized with Curls brand Curl Creme Brule and put her hair into 4 banded braids to sleep in. This is what she looked like when she woke up this morning.

I followed the advice Nikki gave over on BBB and parted hair for this style at an angle. I don't know why, but the parting process really seemed to go a lot faster and easier with slanted parts. I'll have to remember that for future styles!

After parting out each row, I added some Twist of Fate (a combination of shea butter and a few oils) and began twisting. I continued parting at an angle for her entire head.

Despite making the twists bigger than I originally planned, this style still took just under 5 hours.

Syd is thrilled with the results, so I guess I'm not too upset that we didn't get to do the actual mini twist style we have wanted to try for the last few weeks. All's well that ends well, right?

Speaking of ends...this style showed me just how rough Syd's ends are looking. She is in definite need of a trim, which I think she'll be getting in the very near future. Stay tuned for details about that!


  1. I see I am not the only one who spent time doing twists today. Your daughter is beautiful and so is ALL that hair she has. I'll have to remember the angled parts for next time. Thanks for sharing.


  2. LOL.. I did mini twists on my little girl today too... Except we didn't finish so we are going to have some more to do tomorrow.. They look very nice, Great Job!

  3. you are one brave mama.. that's a lot of hair to tackle! you did a fantastic job on them. i really want to do this style for my daughter.. we'll see if i'm up to it soon!


  4. These look lovely, nice!

  5. Wow, the twists look great. I look forward to seeing how you style them for a tween.



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