Friday, March 11, 2011

Half Cornrows with Twists

 By the time we sat down to do the half cornrows, Syd's hair had been in the style shown below for two days. I had done this the other day when I had a headache and just wasn't in the mood to think about hair. This was quick and easy to do, kept her hair detangled, and was great for stretching her hair out for the next style.

For the new style, I separated out the front of her hair by parting across from one ear to the other. I then put the front section into 12 basic cornrows that go straight back. Normally I put them at a slant or in a way that makes them a little unique, but I guess I'm just a little boring this time around.

After the cornrows were finished, Syd and I discussed what would happen with the back of her hair. She wanted curlformers. Unfortunately, it's been rainy where we live and she will be marching with her school band in the St. Patrick's Day Parade this weekend. We needed something that can handle a little weather.

So we decided on two strand rope twists. I did this just like I would do a regular two strand twist, but as I wrapped the 2 sections around each other, I rolled each section between my thumb and forefinger, giving it a little twist as I went. Some people like to twist each section in opposite direction, and I do that sometimes too, but this time both sections were being twisted in the same direction. It went a lot faster this way and we still ended up with great results.

Syd and I decided she will wear the twists for a few days, and then we will remove them for a twist out for a day or two, and then we can curl the back with curlformers for the last couple days of the style. So this is a very basic, simple style that can easily be changed up a bit as we go.

Please excuse my appears that she likes getting her picture taken. She comes to us whenever she sees a camera flash. What can I say? She's a diva doggie!  =)


  1. Beautiful! I was wondering if you could put some cornrows in my hair? :-D lol I've been wanting to try it for a while (seems like a lovely way to keep my hair out of my face,hehe) Let me know!
    (btw, this is the other Rachel from your monday night cell group, hehe)

  2. Very cute basic style! I like the puppy face in the last picture.



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