Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Small Twist Update

The above photo shows small twists that are 12 days old. She had wet them in the shower earlier in the evening and it was still just a bit damp in the picture. After she wet them, I added some of my shea butter/coconut oil combination, so they're looking pretty shiny here, too. And I'll go ahead and admit it...they're much fuzzier in person than they appear here in the picture.

Syd still likes wearing these twists in simple styles like a ponytail or down with a headband. She did let me put them into one big french braid this morning, though. Here's what that looks like.

Here you can see the fuzz around her hairline a little better. And I'm not sure exactly why her shirt appears to be glowing...sorry about that!

At this point, I'm pretty sure I'll be taking these twists down this weekend. They can definitely last another week, but our schedule for the next weekend is packed. I won't have time to devote hours to removing a style. I'm afraid that if I let them go for 2 more weeks, the fuzz factor will lead to some serious tangles. I hate taking styles down when they still have some life left in them, but it seems like that will be the best option this time. (sigh)


  1. They look good...she has beautiful hair..and I love the french braid! 'Y daughter has small twists in now too...the top is getting pretty fuzzy and they've only been in for almost a week, she has fine hair and lotsa baby hair in the front though. She also likes the simple styles like ponytail, pigtails, down with headband, half up... but ill probably be taking them out this weekend.

  2. LOVE the small twists!!! Beautiful!!!!



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