Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Thoughts: What do you want to see?

Hey guys! It was great to see right away that so many people would be interested in this blog! Since the site is brand new, and you are the first followers, I'm asking you to get involved. What are you hoping to see most often on Tweeny Hair? Styles? Info about hair care? The ability to share your own styles and tips? Question and Answer posts?

I know everyone has different opinions and preferences, and I'd love to hear them all. Thanks in advance for all your input!


  1. I'm most interested in hair styles & tips on healthy hair care. your daughter's hair is gorgeous! I look forward to following your blog, you are obviously doing something right!

  2. Hello. I am most interested in hair styling. My daughter is 11 and I struggle to come up with styles that aren't too babyish or too grown. I can't wait to see more styles.

  3. I am looking for both styling tips and haircare tips. My daughter just turned 15 and wants to wear her hair down all the time...but that means she has been washing it a lot more and it has gotten pretty dry since she doesn't always condition it right :(

  4. Thanks for your input, guys. I'll definitely be posting styles every time we do something new on her head. :)

    Trish, Syd LOVES wearing her hair down, but we've found twist outs and braid outs don't tangle near as much and look better longer than wash-n-go styles, so we do those a lot. Can your daughter can co-wash or even just wet her hair instead of using shampoo every time? Shampooing too often strips the hair of the moisture it needs.

  5. Your daughter's hair is lovely, nice job!

    I would love to see a tutorial for her curly regimen to get the curly look in the header.

    It's absolutely gorgeous!

  6. This is great. I found your blog through Happy Girl Hair and saw the box braids on Beads Braids and Beyond. While my younger daughter is closer in age to the girls from the other two blogs my oldest is almost 12 and I've found a lot of the styles too babyish for her liking. I'd love style ideas for her age. A lot of her friends have already had their hair straightened (or have naturally straight hair) so I can't look to them for ideas.



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