Thursday, February 3, 2011

Small Box Braids

It's no wonder that we like box braids. They are incredibly versatile and they can last for weeks! Yesterday I put 89 box braids in Syd's hair. I know the exact number because she wants me to count them every time we do this style...LOL!
I used half-moon shaped parts instead of actual "boxes." The process goes a lot faster when I'm not trying to achieve perfection in the form of completely straight lines and perfect little squares.
Even using this method, this style took 5 hours to complete. Of course, there was an hour long break in the middle so we could go sledding and have a snowball fight! :)
We'll moisturize her hair every morning (especially the ends) and she sleeps in a satin nightcap to preserve the style. It should last about 2 weeks before I reach the end of my fuzz tolerance.I'll post pictures next week of all the styles we can do with these braids.


  1. She's so pretty!! Love her hair especially the picture with the curls!!

  2. Rae,

    Let me first thank you for this Tweeny Blog, I am at that stage that my daughter thinks she is too old for other styles. Syd is a beautiful young lady with a head full of beautiful and healthy looking hair. I personally look forward to what ideas you both come up with and post.


  3. what i love about this style is that he braids cover the partings so it looks really pretty!!!! Very excited about this blog. keep it coming ;-)


  4. love the crescent idea - can't wait to try it out - I hate parting in boxes cuz I can't get them right. I noticed that you mentioned her hair is thick/dense and coarser at the crown as is my girls. Did you make the crescents smaller there in order to maintain similar sized braids?

  5. CookieKirk, I did gradually change the sizes of the crescents as I went. The sides of Syd's hair are pretty thin, so the sections on the sides are about twice as big as at the crown and back of her head, where the hair is really dense. I'd rather the size of the braids be more uniform than the size of the crescents.

  6. This is so beautiful! It looks like high-priced extensions to me so I'd say that means you did an AWESOME job! What type of daily spray do you use? We use Taliah Waajid, but my daughter's hair is never this shiny!

  7. Thanks Robin! This time around we're using Bee Mine products. We spray her scalp and hair with their Juicy Moisturizing Spritz every night and we put a bit of Luscious moisturizer on the ends every morning.

  8. Hi beautiful hairstyles, But can u please explain the parting? I dont completly understand it. Maybe with some pictures when u have the time.




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