Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair That's Fit To Travel

A little late, but Happy New Year from Syd and friends!
 At the end of last year, Syd and I drove from our home in the Midwest to South Carolina (15 hours away) to ring in the new year with some of our dearest friends. Since we only had a few days to spend there, I didn't want to waste a moment doing Syd's hair for our New Year's Eve celebration. So I needed to find a style that would survive 15 hours in the car and still look fabulous on New Year's Eve, which was 2 days after we arrived in Charleston.

I decided on cornrows for the trip since they could easily survive a 15 hour drive without frizz or tangles. I gave her a braided hair headband by putting 2 cornrows all the way around her hairline. They met at the nape of her neck. Then I put the remaining hair into 6 cornrows going straight down. To spruce up the cornrows while they were in, we pulled them into a low ponytail and added a giant flower, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Oops!

When New Year's Eve rolled around, I removed the 6 cornrows that went straight back and left the 2 that formed the braided headband. Cornrow removal only took a few minutes and the result was a braid out that looked great for NYE.

In this picture, you can still see the parts from where the cornrows were. Just a little fluffing of the roots with my fingers took care of that.

Random sidenote: It's tons of fun to tickle your kid while taking pictures. =]


  1. Both styles look great! and yeah.. it's always fun to take silly pics :)

  2. thats soooo cute! i think i might have to use this for myself!

  3. I LOVE both styles!! She is soo cute!



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