Monday, February 14, 2011

Cornrows and a Pony with a Twist

I removed Syd's box braids last night, and she washed her hair this morning. Afterward, I applied a leave in and combed it through. Then we got ready to style.

I did this style in one quarter of her hair at a time, so I first parted out one fourth of her hair.
 I cornrowed that section going in a straight line from front to back.

Then I moved to the hair in the back of the same side of her head. I cornrowed that section straight from the back moving upward.
 At this point, that half of her hair looked like this
I repeated the same steps in the hair on the other side of her head. Now I had cornrows that met along a horizontal part that goes from ear to ear.
Next, I took the hair on the left side of her head and cornrowed it toward the center of her head, moving along the horizontal part. I didn't go all the way across her head - I stopped in the center where the ponytail would be.
I repeated that step on the right side of her head and put both cornrows in a ponytail when they met in the middle. I then put the hair from the ponytail into 3-strand twists.

Sidenote: I didn't mention any products in this post. I tried a line of products for this style that I have never used before, and I wasn't a fan of how they made her hair feel. It doesn't feel as moisturized as I would like, and only time will tell how much hold it offers. I usually try 2 different styles with a product before forming a definite opinion. I'll be sure to let you know which products I used and what I think of them after I try them again.    


  1. what a lovely style!

  2. very cute style. the great thing about your site is that these styles are good for tweens all the way down to my 3 year old. they're not overly fussy, but really showcase how beautiful her face and hair are. thanks for having such an awesome site!

  3. Cute look! And now I'm especially interested to know when your daughter started washing her own hair. I've got only a kindergartner right now, but I already wonder how the transition will go when she is able to care for her hair more on her own. Would love to see a post along those lines if you're comfortable sharing--like when your daughter started wanting to more actively care for her own hair (washing, detangling, combing, etc.), what (if any) challenges you and she faced, etc. Thanks! =)

  4. Very nice! I have not learned to cornrow yet

  5. Adorable style, I have to see if I can pull this off with my daughter's hair! Thanks for the pictures!



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