Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Before School Box Braid Styles

One of the things I like most about box braids is how easy it is to change up the style in just a few minutes in the morning. And Syd loves that she is able to add accessories (she loves flowers) and do some simple styles by herself. There were a few days that she wore the braids down with no accessories, but here are the simple ways we dressed up her look during the last week and a half. I think all of these took 3 minutes or less - perfect for busy mornings!

I french braided the sides, connected them at the back, and let the rest hang in a pony.

Syd pulled just one side back and held it in place with a purple flower.

We pulled the top back and added 2 flowers to hide the ouchless band.

One low pony with a big flower.

All the braids gathered into one french braid.

She slept in 2 french braids (sorry, I forgot to take a pic). In the morning, we removed the braids and pulled half of it up.  

I'll be removing these braids tomorrow, which means they lasted just under 2 weeks. Box braids usually last us 2-3 weeks before they get too fuzzy for our liking, but I gave Syd a new hat a few days after styling and she has been wearing it A LOT. That made the fuzz show up a lot faster than it usually does. But hey, the hat is cute and she's a happy kid, which is so much more important than making the style last longer!

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