Monday, November 28, 2011

Twist - Twist Out - Retwist

Syd has been wearing a LOT of twists lately. It's quickly becoming her signature style. Here's a picture of some medium sized twists she wore last week:

She only wore those twists for one day because we wanted a big, full twist out for our Thanksgiving get together with my family. It was almost painful to remove such pretty twists when they were still looking so good! Luckily, it made for a wonderful looking twist out.

She wore that twist out for two days, but we had to twist her back up because this week is going to be a busy, rainy week and we won't have much time to worry about hair.

Since her twist out was still really defined when I was doing a new set of twists, I decided to let the definition help me out. I simply grabbed each tendril that resulted from the first twists, lightly misted it with just water, and twisted. Her hair still had enough product in it from the first twists, so we didn't have to add any more product.
Each defined section of hair went from this... this!
Since each twist from the first set made two defined tendrils, the second set of twists had twice the number of twists as the first one did. Here was the final result:

These 78 twists (yes, we counted) should definitely get us through the week. Maybe even longer!


  1. Beautiful!! She knows she's a gorgeous beauty!!! Love this... Her hair is gorge!


  2. Beautiful. Love the definition and the easy transition into the new twist.

  3. Wow, all three are beautiful! I'm a noob to the whole hairstyle thing, with a tween who wants her hair to be as long as Syd's, so this is inspiring. How do you deal with repetitive stress doing all those twists? I find it hard to handle the marathon braiding sessions as it is!

  4. Thanks, Ladies!

    Gina, I don't really find it difficult, but I've been doing hair since I was a teenager. That has to make a difference. Usually when we're doing hair now, we try to do it while watching a movie neither of us has seen before. I find myself paying more attention to the movie than to how long it is taking or how repetitive the styling process can be. And yes....we sometimes have to watch 2 movies before a style is finished! :D

  5. that girl has some gorgeous hair!

  6. Wow! Those twists are gorgeous and the twist out is beyond amazing!

  7. her hair looked amazing! you did a fabulous job, like always!

  8. Wow, her twists are beautiful. I see why it's her signature style, they are always on point!



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