Sunday, November 6, 2011

Box Braids

Since I haven't been physically well lately, I haven't been up to spending much (or any) time doing hair. As a result, Syd's hair has been in a twists-twist out-repeat cycle. Today I was finally feeling a little better, so I decided to end that cycle.

We opted to do some box braids, which I'm hoping will last until my health is back at 100%. The braids are also a good choice for right now because the weather here is supposed to be colder, rainy, and windy for a while. Box braids hold up better than most other styles in weather like that.

I started by moisturizing her hair with Curls Creme Brule and then banding it with ouchless bands overnight. Yes, the parts are crazy, but I only used my fingers since I knew the bands were coming out in the morning.

When the bands came down in the morning, we had to leave for church so I put her hair into one big braid. And then I forgot to take a picture of it. Sigh.

When it came time to start the box braids, I started at the back and made my usual crescent shaped parts for her braids. You can click here to see a post that explains this parting method.

When I got to the top, I added a slightly angled side part. This disrupts the uniform crescent shaped parts, but I'm never worried about that. They braids lay nicely enough to hide the awkward parts.

Since I didn't want to spend all day on this style, I made the braids a little bigger than I normally do. When we were finished, there were 68 braids and it took right around 4 hours with a couple very short breaks to stretch our legs. Once the braids were finished, I added a little Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to the ends, which will also curl up more once they get wet. Here was the final result.


  1. This makes me what to do box braids on D...well it makes me want her to have box braids...not that I necessarily want to so them. These looks great, i love how you part for them.

  2. Wow, I have really gotta try those crescent parts one of these days... and I like the side part too :)

  3. Her braids look great. My little lady wanted twists. I haven't posted a pic of her hair in awhile on my fb page so I might do it tomorrow.

  4. This looks so pretty. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. I love the way that you part her hair. I also love the thickness of her hair. I love how her hair looks all the time.

  6. Absolutely amazing!! I love her hair!! Beautiful job!!!


  7. i always love her hair in box braids!

  8. Glad you are feeling better. :) These box braids are beautiful.

  9. Her hair looks great! Bless your tired fingers lol

  10. Very beautiful.. Feel better soon!



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