Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Box Braids and Curlformers

Syd has been wearing her box braid style for over a week now. She has worn them down almost every day, so there hasn't really been anything interesting to share. Eventually, though, she got bored with the same hairstyle every day and asked me to put her braids into Curlformers.

Usually, we put Curlformers in while her hair is wet and she sleeps in them overnight. I was curious and wanted to know what would happen if we just added a bit of product to her dry hair and then used the Curlformers. So that's what I did. Just a bit of a product with hold onto dry hair and then I put 3 braids into each Curlformer.

Sneaking a brownie with a head full of Curlformers :)

She slept in the Curlformers and we removed them in the morning. Since we started with dry hair, the braids did not curl all the way up to the root like they do when we start with wet hair. Instead, only the bottoms of the braids were curly. Still looked great...especially since this was day 9 of these braids!

We pulled the front part of her hair back into a half-up, half-down style and added a big pink flower. Super cute!

It's definitely getting colder...she's wrapped in a blanket every morning!

And just for fun, I decided to share this picture I snapped of Syd during a dance party with my home daycare kids. Look at those braids fly!


  1. Great idea. Des is in box braids now too, I may have to do the same thing.

  2. Syd's hair turned out lovely! :O) I love the curls at the end!!!

    You can tell by the dancing picture that SYD is an awesome little Queen to be!!! YAY!

    Love it,


  3. Her hair turned out beautiful! Love that last pic!!

  4. love the pic of her dancing!!! She looks gorgeous love her hair in box braids

  5. Very pretty I love it! They curled up nicely :)

  6. Just beautiful! Her curls were perfect. The last picture reminds me of Willow Smith "whip my hair"....

  7. Syd's box braids look amazing. I love the idea of using the curlformers on them. Great dancing picture!!

  8. Great pics, Rae! I love how soft the curls are in her style, very pretty!

  9. Beautiful! Great idea for really getting the most out of box braids :)



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