Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hair

Let be start off by apologizing for my absence recently. I've been struggling with some health issues and hair/blogging has been knocked down a few pegs on the priority list. Syd has only been wearing two strand twists and twist outs for the last couple of weeks, but we'll get back to doing more fun hairstyles soon.

And now....on to our Halloween Hairstyle!

Syd dressed up as the Mad Hatter this year. The pictures in this post were taken just before she headed out to a costume party.

Since the Mad Hatter is actually male, I didn't really have a specific hairstyle to try to pull off. I didn't even have a plan when it came time for the style...I just sat down with some bobby pins and started using them.

We began with Syd's standard style, a basic two strand twist out.

I pulled the top back into a standard half up - half down style and secured it with an ouchless band. Then I divided the hair in that band into 4 sections. I twisted each section around itself and pinned them into place. It ended up reminding me a little of a four leaf clover. I then added the top hat just in front of the clover shape, pinning it into place with a few bobby pins.

I have a couple of pink clip-in human hair extensions, so we decided to use those for this style to make it look a little more eclectic. I used Curlformers to curl them, but the extensions didn't have enough time to dry completely and the curls were still much looser than her twist out pattern. One was actually still so damp that it lost almost all the curl within an hour. Oh well...that just added to the fun look.
She had a blast at the party and her hair held up the entire night, despite the fact that she spent quite a bit of time jumping on a trampoline. Thank goodness I used more bobby pins than I thought I needed!

This costume fits her personality PERFECTLY! I love it!


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  1. SOOOO great!!! She looks amazing and her hair is awesome! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Great Costume, her hair is always fab!!

  3. Syd looks great and that costume is so cute. We have missed you and we hope that you feel 100% well ASAP. Prayers being said.

  4. she looks so cute and the hair is fab!

  5. That's awesome!! AWESOME!!

    Praying for you, dear!! <3


  6. I love the hair and the costume! BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Ha! I love this costume and Syd's hair looks gorgeous! It fits the costume perfectly

  8. Pshhh worry about yourself and your health first!!

    I love her costume and hair. Super cute!

  9. I have the same coustume!



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