Thursday, November 15, 2012

Choices, Damage, and Pre-wrap

See that up there? That's pre-wrap. You know, the stuff you put between your skin and tape when you're taping up an injury. Syd is very athletic, and as a result she is rather familiar with injuries. This means she is also familiar with pre-wrap.

I know most of you are probably wondering what this stuff has to do with hair, aren't you? Well....take a look...

I snapped this picture before Syd walked out the door for school this morning. And yes, that little headband of Syd's came right off the roll of pre-wrap that is pictured above. Sometimes she rolls it up into a skinny little headband like this one. Other times, she keeps it wide, which gives it a whole different appearance.

Now, there's no way this stuff is good for her hair. It's a thin foam. I'm sure it sucks the moisture right out of her hair. And I'm sure it causes friction, which leads to breakage. She knows these things, but she chooses to wear these headbands anyway. Although, I do have to admit, she wears them FAR less frequently than her friends.

Am I the only mom who cringes at the thought of my child purposely doing something that is damaging to her hair? I have done everything I can for the last dozen years to keep her hair healthy and natural. But sometimes, when you're 12, you just don't care. And like she was quick to point out, it is HER hair. She is the one who will have to live with the damage.

Point taken, kiddo. You're an amazing little lady and you're growing more independent by the minute. Go be yourself. I'll be here if you need any help.

This growing up stuff is hard....even when we're only talking hair

I should add that Syd did say she will only wear pre-wrap headbands every once in a while. She doesn't want her hair to be damaged any more than I do. I still don't like it. =)


  1. It's hard to argue with them on things like this huh?

    1. It sure is, Shay! It's just not easy to stop being in charge! :)



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