Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Hair

It's getting colder outside, which means Syd's hair routine will soon be changing for the winter. Last week, I decided to let her have one more big hair day before we start moving toward more protective styles. We used Kinky Curly products this time because that's what we had on hand and we've had great results with them before (see HERE).

I didn't take pictures of the actual process, so I'll do my best to explain what I did. (I know, I of these days I'll start remembering that I have a blog and actually take pictures WHILE I'm doing something!)

Syd washed her hair and I started working on it while it was still soaking wet. I started by grabbing a section in the back and just clipped the rest of her hair up out of the way. I added a fairly generous amount of Kinky Curly Knot Today to that back section and detangled with a very wide tooth comb. Then I applied Kinky Curly Curling Custard and raked through that section of hair several times with my fingers.

I didn't go through and define each curl, which I sometimes do. I just made sure to run my fingers through enough times to thoroughly distribute the product. Since I didn't define each curl, the look is a little frizzier and less defined than other down and out styles I've shown you before, but we're okay with the frizz.

Once the product had been distributed through that section, I grabbed another section and repeated the process. After we had gone through her whole hair, we just let it air dry. The drying process took ALL DAY!

This was her hair right after the product was applied. This photo really shows off all her different curl patterns. All that hair is actually the same length!
After it dried. Sorry so blurry...I didn't realize it was out of focus until later. :/

Results after it dried

Before bed, we banded Syd's hair so that the curls wouldn't get tangled while she slept. If you do this, be sure to keep the bands loose so you don't end up with indentations all over the hair! Afterward, we managed to stuff all that hair into a satin nightcap. Normally, I would have just left the banded hair out and let her sleep on her satin pillowcase, but that pillowcase died on it's last trip through the laundry. I should really buy more than one at a time!

These bands are looser than they appear in photos!

This poor nightcap is ready to burst at the seams! :D

In the morning, remove the bands and you should be good to do. If there are any indentations from the bands or overly frizzy little sections of hair, you can wet your hands, add a bit of custard, and define each little area that may need some love. For us, this took less than 5 minutes.
Still lookin good!

Here's a picture I took the morning of day 3. I had banded it a little too tightly in some places, but I knew this was the day we would be restyling her hair. This hair very easily could have lasted longer, though, simply by doing what I explained above and redefining places where you can see the indents. Super easy!

One more bonus after the style: plenty of product was still in her hair. It was easy to twist her hair that she had been wearing down for days. All I did was grab a little section, spray it with water, detangle it with my fingers, and twist. The custard that had remained in her hair was sufficient to keep the new twists looking good for a full week. One product application, two hairstyles. Nice!


  1. I'm still jealous of her hair! I'll have to try loosely banding at night to preserve our big hair.

  2. This is ver y helpful - especially the part about Day 2 and 3 hair, the banding, and then the restyling into twists! I would be afraid of tangles, but I think the banding helps take care of some of that!



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