Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twists to Twists, Still No Comb

Hi all. I apologize for my recent absence. My computer decided it was finished working for me, so that was that. But now we're back, and I wanted to give you a hair update from these past few weeks.

The last time I posted about Syd's hair, I showed you how I created this twist style without using a comb to detangle between styles.

Well here it is, a month after first doing that simple twist style, and I still haven't used a comb on Syd's hair. Sounds crazy, huh? Here's what we've done.

After a week, the twists I mentioned above were looking pretty rough...we never get much more than that out of such thick twists. So I removed the twists one at a time, used my fingers to gently detangle and remove shed hair, sprayed the hair with plain water, added a bit of styling product, and then made a new twist out of each of the tendrils that resulted from the previous twist coming out. Does that make sense? Basically, each twist became 2 twists. Her hair went from this:

To this:

The new set of twists lasted about a week and a half. They didn't look horrible yet, but I knew it would be another week before I could devote some time to Syd's hair, so I figured I'd be proactive and style while I had the chance.

It had been a few weeks since her hair had been washed with shampoo, so she shampooed her twists before I styled them. Then I did the exact same thing I had done before: remove one twist at a time, detangle with my fingers, spray with water, add product, turn each old twist into 2 new ones. Here's what that process looked like.

10 day old twists, after being shampooed earlier in the day:

2 old twists becoming 4 smaller new ones:

The end result:

We're just about 2 weeks into these latest twists, and they're not looking too bad at all. I'm pretty sure we'll keep them for another week....I'll let you know!

So in the last several weeks, Syd has gone from cornrows to big twists to medium twists to small twists....all without a comb touching her hair. And this means little to no damage caused by detangling and styling. Can't beat it!


  1. I love this!! She looks great!! That's how I do Choca's twists all the time. They start out nice and chunky... Then they end up extra small!! :) <3


  2. That is great you've been able to do all that with no comb...inspiring :) I'll have to try the same! Her twists always look so good.

  3. Her hair looks absolutely great!!! I love it!!!

  4. I like that idea of going from the bigger twist to smaller and smaller sizes....I think I can do that!! Great idea.

  5. As always, her twists look amazing! I really love this method!

  6. she has the best twist ever! they look great, i long to have my hair like Syd's!

  7. Syd's hair looks wonderful, as usual. I definitely need to try the same thing with Des although she doesn't have quite the same amount of hair as Syd has been blessed with.

  8. Woo hoo! I like this plan, going big to small. AND no comb?!! Love it :)

  9. love this method!!!!! you rock, thanks for the tips!

  10. Great method! I may try this method with my daughter over the summer. Low maintence and easy to keep moisturized during the swimming heavy Summer.



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