Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick Pretty Style with Twists

There was a dance at Syd's school last week. It was really just an informal thing where most kids wore jeans, but Syd and her friends wanted to dress they did!

(Gotta love it when they display their personalities with confidence!)

Syd's hair was in about 120 twists, so that meant parting for an intricate style was out of the question. Then I remembered that there was still a center part under those twists from the cornrow style she had before I did the twists.

I decided to use that center part and make two french braids that met at the nape of her neck. I gathered the ends of both french braids into one ponytail and added a flower that coordinated with her dress. The style took less than 5 minutes, but definitely looked nice enough to wear while all dressed up.

And because I'm a proud mom who loves showing off my pretty girl, here's a shot of her right before she walked out the door. :)


  1. I love how this style looks. Definitely great for a "dressed up" look without going overboard.

  2. I LOVE that big bow, it's so pretty! She's such a beautiful young lady!

  3. This is such a pretty style!! I love how it's all put together!! She looks gorgeous, as always!!


  4. I LOVE this style! It is so pretty! And Syd just looks beautiful! :o)

    Please come by and follow! :o)

  5. Ooo you just gave me french braid feva'! Syd is looking quite lady-like... her hair is beautiful :)

  6. Gorgeous style and your daughter looked so pretty for the dance!



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