Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Product Review: Blended Beauty (Part 1)

I was recently given the opportunity to review a variety of products by Blended Beauty. I will be bringing you the results of these products in two parts because I used different products on two very different heads of hair.

The products I used for part one were Curly Cake Shake and Down & Out Styles, which are both part of the Blended Cutie line.

These products were really put to the test for this review. A family member came to spend the night with us, and for a variety of reasons, her hair had been pushed to the back burner for quite a while. It was in a ponytail, but when I took the ponytail down, I discovered that her hair was extremely tangled and matted.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I saw this as an opportunity to see what these Blended Beauty products could do. I used a clarifying shampoo I already had on hand to remove the build up on the girl's hair and then applied a generous amount of Curly Cake Shake. This product is a lotion in a spray bottle and is used for detangling and lightly moisturizing the hair.

The Curly Cake Shake worked like a charm and I was easily able to detangle the matted up hair. I worked in sections, first detangling with my fingers and then moving on to a wide tooth comb. When I finished detangling, I braided each section so it didn't tangle back up and grabbed another section of hair. The Curly Cake Shake provided plenty of slip and I was easily able to detangle each section with no trouble at all.

She slept with those braids in her hair. When she woke up in the morning, I removed one braid at a time, beginning in the back and working my way forward. After removing a braid, I sprayed the section with water and then added Down & Out Styles to the section. I used nothing but my fingers to distribute the product and define her curls. This product left her curls looking and feeling good. They were well defined and moisturized.

After calling to check in with the child's mother, I was pleased to be informed that these Blended Beauty products left her curls looking good for days!

I provided these products with a challenge, and they exceeded my hopes and expectations. I can't help but recommend Curly Cake Shake and Down & Out Styles for detangling, moisturizing, and defining this type of curls!

You can check out blendedbeauty.com to see their full line of products. And be sure to check back here in the near future for an upcoming review where you can see the results of different Blended Beauty products on Syd's hair!

*Note - These products were provided by Blended Beauty for review and at no charge. The opinions expressed are my opinions based on my personal experiences.


  1. Oh yeah...her hair looks great...a huge difference in the before and after photos.

  2. her hair looks MUCH better! those products work great in her hair.

  3. Wow!!! It worked wonders on that little girl's hair so glad to see that it did.

  4. That looks amazing!! Those products did her hair some JUSTICE!! Love it!


  5. Great results, a world of difference! Great job!

  6. Omgosh you are so like me! I love using my review products on "worst case scenario" hair and really putting them to the test. It looks like Blended Beauty rose to the occasion!

  7. Her hair looks amazing! These products are great in her hair!

  8. Do your readers get any discounts from Blended Beauty if we order the products mentioned? And say we read them on your blog? Because three products alone is $60 or more..Jackie

  9. Jackie, You can use the discount code "curly" for %10 off. And stay tuned....there will be a giveaway in the near future that will give you the opportunity to win multiple full sized products! :D



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