Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Christmas Style

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

My original goal was to take pictures of Syd's hair, which she styled herself in a simple twist out for Christmas. Unfortunately, I spaced out and didn't take a single picture of the back of her hair. So now all I can do is show you a picture of the twists on Christmas Eve and another of the twist out on Christmas morning. Better than nothing, right? :)

In the picture below, you can see Syd's twists that were done on Christmas Eve. She has a little side part and some pretty chunky twists.

The next morning, Syd removed the twists and put on a headband that she found in her stocking. It was nice to have her hair looking good after using up just few minutes of Christmas morning for styling.

Quick, easy, and cute.....perfect for Christmas morning!


  1. I think it is great to see Syd doing her hair more and more. At the same time it makes me sad to think that Des is right behind her and I don't wanna stop doing her hair just yet.

  2. twist and twist outs fit her so well!

  3. I just love her twist outs, so defined :)

  4. Lol, I did the same thing! I didn't get any good pix of GDL's hair on Christmas, I did for church on Christmas Eve, but not for Christmas, fail! Oh well. I love Syd's twistouts, the definition is always beautiful

  5. Her twist out looks fantastic, like always :)

  6. Syd does such a great job with her hair! Can I borrow her to come twist up Baby O's hair? :-)

  7. Gorgeous!! Syd does an awesome job on her hair!! Beautiful.




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