Thursday, October 13, 2011

Syd Gives Herself a Braid Out

By now, Syd has become a pro when it comes to washing and detangling her hair without assistance from Mom. Unfortunately, she's not able to do many styles on her own. We decided to work on that and Syd did a braid out by herself for the first time.

She started by removing her Breast Cancer Awareness style. It had been in for about a week and a half and was very fuzzy. Her hair was still clean and didn't have any build up, so we moved straight from one style to the other without a wash in between.

I told her not to remove the entire style right away. She has a lot of hair and I thought it would be easier to work in sections, so she started by only removing the back section of the style. Then she split the back in half, putting the left part into a big loose braid to keep it out of the way. She focused on the back right section of hair first.

Now I had her divide that section of her hair into fourths again so that there will be four braids made out of this section. Just before braiding each section, she dampened it with a spray bottle and added a bit of Curls Creme Brule. Then she finger detangled, ran her denman through the section to distribute the product evenly, and braided it up. I stressed to her that she needed to start the braid as close to her scalp as possible and keep the braid tight all the way down.

Before long, that back right section was in four braids.

She did the same thing to the back right section and then moved up to the top, where the process was the same.

After what she said felt like forever (although the whole thing took less time than I expected), she put the last braid in.

She slept in those braids and removed them before school the next morning. I didn't get pictures of the removal process. We were a little rushed getting ready for the day, but she got the braids out while keeping most of the definition.

Since she had a hard time getting some of the braids close to her scalp, her roots were pretty fuzzy. She pulled the front half up, secured it with an ouchless band, and headed off to school.

Braid out success!


  1. nice job Syd, she looks like a pro to me :)

  2. Awww, Syd is growing up. She did a fantastic job. I can imagine she felt accomplished when she saw the end result. Great braid out!!! She is so pretty.

  3. Niiiiiiice. Giving mommy a break! Love the definition.

  4. She did awesome! Im now teaching laina how to was her on her own with leaving soap in! Ughh they grow so fast!

  5. Go Syd!1!! It looks pretty good for her first time around!!!


  6. Syd is growing up! ( I say that like I've know you all for ages, lol). She did really well getting the back braids close to her scalp. It's awkward to do that on yoursef. Great job and lol at it taking "forever" :)

  7. Great job, Syd! Your braid out looks fabulous!

  8. Her hair looks amazing! GREAT JOB, Syd!!! Good job, mommy!!!

    She looks beautiful!!


  9. Fabulous!! it looks really great! Well done Syd!!



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