Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cornrow Braid Out

Syd hasn't been wearing her hair down very often lately. She has been very active and it's just easier to keep her hair braided to keep the tangles down. But if you've been reading for any length of time, then you're probably aware of Syd's love affair with big hair. So since we were planning to have a lazy weekend, I decided to give her a braid out for about a day and a half before I braided her Breast Cancer Awareness style.

We usually prefer the look of cornrow braid outs over braid outs that come from individual braids, so I put Syd's hair into 8 quick cornrows. There were only 4 across, but I split them in half with a part from ear to ear because I had dampened her hair before cornrowing and I wanted to use less hair in each cornrow so it could dry completely. They were a little fuzzy in this picture because she had just slept on them.

In the morning, I removed the cornrows. I was a little disappointed because her hair was still damp in some places, despite the fact that it hadn't been very wet the night before. We knew that her hair would get big and frizzy throughout the day, but neither of us are put off by big frizzy hair.

We were going to be outside for a lot of the day, and Syd didn't want her hair in her face, so we pulled the front part up with an ouchless band.

As it turns out, we didn't have that lazy weekend we had planned, but we did get some good quality time together. Here are a couple shots from our adventures that weekend. You can see that Syd's hair did, in fact, get a little poofy. And with the added volume (poofiness), we both thought it looked fabulous. :)

Syd was the navigator as we went through a couple miles of corn maze. :)
She was trying to reach those batons while hooked to a bungee cord in the back. Look at that determination on her face! FYI - She got all of the batons. If Syd has a goal, she WILL reach it! LOL


  1. I love Syd's hair. You are both right it did look fabulous the whole day. So glad she has that attitude that she finishes what she starts, I hope that she always keeps it.

  2. Beautiful Big hair! Love it! ANd you have to love a girl that is willing to work hard for what she wants. Go Syd! :)

  3. She's such a gorgeous girl, and her hair is absolutely beautiful!!! Great job!!!


  4. Good grief, I just love this child's hair... a ponytail never looked so good!

  5. fabulous! syd has beautiful hair and a great stylist!



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