Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Pairs of Pictures

The very back of Syd's hair experienced some pretty significant breakage a few years ago when it was pulled into a tight ponytail with a not-so-ouchless band. It seemed that it was taking FOREVER to grow back out.
Then I stretched out one of those curls and realized that maybe it has grown more than I thought. It's still not as long as the rest of her hair, but it isn't near as short as the shrinkage would have me believe. The back of her hair shrinks way more than the rest.

You'd think I wouldn't be fooled by shrinkage after 11 years of looking at this head of hair. Think again. LOL!

The following picture of Syd has always reminded me of something. I felt like I must have another shot of her doing the same pose, but I couldn't find another picture like it.

Then it hit me....

Ok, so I know they're not identical, but this is why the picture of Syd seemed so familiar. I used to LOVE Whitney!


  1. A's hair is the exact same way in the back, those curls shrink up about 75% of her actual length, but her curl pattern is tighter back there to.

    a few years ago she got a big chunk of her hair hung in the seat of a shopping cart and i didn't know it until i pulled her out and i saw her hair hanging off in the cart. i about flipped out and i felt like the worst mom EVER! i too thought it was taking forever to grow back in. when you really let the hair do what it needs to and really take care of it, it grows back with no issues =)

    very whitney with that pose !

  2. I love the pics!! Her shrinkage is incredible!

  3. wow they do look a lot alike, how cute!!!! shrinkage gotta love it! lol

  4. That is so funny! She was channeling Whitney (the old Whitney of course). We had an episode with our daughter's hair too. GDL decided to lay her head down on the floor while playing zhu zhu pets. That thing ran up her hair all the way to her scalp. We tried to work it out of the wheels but it kept winding tighter and tighter because we couldn't get it to shut off. My husband ended up cutting her hair right at the scalp because it was pulling her hair so bad. Terrible!



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