Friday, September 28, 2012

Braided Mohawk With Side Bangs

About 2 weeks ago, Syd and I were in the car when she said, "Remember when I used to get lots of cool styles?"

It was then that I realized it has been FOREVER since she has had a style other than box braids, twists, or twist outs. We're talking months here.

(Stands at the front of the room) Hi, my name is Rae and I'm a hair slacker.

So last weekend I decided to try to be creative. There was only one problem...I've been slacking so long that I think my creativity is stuck in hibernation. After no new ideas came to me, I settled on a mohawk style with some cornrowed side bangs. (I'm not sure it counts as bangs when the hair hangs down past her armpits, but what else can I call that section???)

Here is the style:

So there it was. Not incredibly creative, but still cute and it wasn't box braids or twists/outs. She wore this style for a week before we took it down and gave her a fresh set of plain old two strand twists (I know, I know) for cross country pictures at school.

If anyone spots my creativity hiding somewhere, please let me know asap. Syd's hair misses its old friend.


  1. Thanks for this post and keeping strong in this increasingly cut-throat blogging game!

  2. That's beautiful!! What a gorgeous style on an even gorgeous little lady!! <3


  3. I can't wait to try this one! I'm guilty of doing A lot of twists/twist outs lately with my oldest as well. Thanks for the inspiration.



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